Alex Denes, Broker

Alex Denes, DDS, Broker

I am a California licensed Real Estate Broker. I reside in Fresno, CA, you may visit my Real Estate website.

I am also a licensed dentist both in California and Minnesota. During my professional career in dentistry I built 3 dental offices, advised or helped selling several medical offices and worked as an associate in over 10 different dental offices in Southern California.

This experience helped me realize the importance that proper real estate planning has in the life of medical professionals. Unfortunately, very few medical professionals either have the knowledge or time to accomplish this.

That’s where my interest in Real Estate started. As I studied towards my Broker’s license, I gained more and more knowledge and realized what impact such knowledge can have in my own life as a busy medical professional.

We developed a concept in which we can help others, to secure a safe and long term profitable lease for a medical space, build a medical or dental office, turn a profit and eventually sell it, while making other non-medical related real estate transactions, such as buying or selling a home.

My experience goes hand in hand with Mr. Bob’s Khalsa. I was personally advised early in my career by Bob and felt very lucky in that respect. Residential and even more, commercial real estate transactions could be very complicated these days. One needs to take in the account not only the current demographics, market conditions, existing possible competition or lack of in the field sought, as well as predict future conditions and scenarios.

With Bob’s great experience and expertise in Commercial Real Estate transactions, combined with my experience in the medical field, we can help you! Think about it as an investment in your future and security and give our office a call. We will be glad to talk to you.

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