Prospective Owners

U.A. Property Management provides a diverse and high level of real estate residential and commercial property management services. Some of the services we offer include comprehensive property evaluation, tenant screening that includes verification of employment,verification of income and background checks, rent collection, payment of outgoings, record keeping, coordinating property maintenance including repairs on the owner’s behalf, provision of services and negotiations with tenants or prospective tenants. U. A.  Property Management is uniquely focused on providing an ideal experience for the owners and tenants. We give our owners and tenants this great experience by using our expertise, being proactive and anticipating problems and situation before they occur. The extent of and responsibility for management between landlord and tenant depend on terms of the management contracts and tenant(s) lease(s). The following are some of the functions we undertake. The landlord may delegate some or all of these to U. A. Property Management.

  • Joint inspection with landlord
  • Preparation of property for leasing
  • Advertise the Property.
  • Showing of Property.
  • Pre-screen Prospective Tenants (Credit check, employment, income, etc.)
  • Lease contracts.
  • Walk in and walk out process (forms and photos)
  • Collection of deposits and rent payments.
  • Pay monthly expenses and bills.
  • Handle all maintenance requests; supervise maintenance and repairs with licensed professionals on owner’s behalf.
  • On vacancy, prepare property/unit for lease.
  • Generate and send owners copies of monthly accounting reports.
  • Generate 1099’s annually.
  • If requested by owner, court appearances for eviction proceedings.  

All repairs are conducted in consultation with the landlord.

We also have a second plan for owners who want to manage their property and would only like us to lease out their premises.  In this option, we advertise, show the property, carry out the tenant screening process, prepare and have lease contracts executed and collect the initial deposit and rent. The file is then turned over to the owner.

For details call Bob at 661-513-4433.

Do ask us for testimonials from property owners whose property we manage.

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